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Do you miss the thrill of bullet hell in an old space shooting game?

Beyond Solar is a pixel-art vertical shooter, that takes the players through a challenging journey to reveal the truth about the great migration of human beings to the outer space void.


Prepare for an action-packed adventure with Beyond Solar.

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Mobile Version (iOS)

Use your game skill to save the Earth from destruction.

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Ratings & Reviews


"I can see new improvements for the game, New animated explosions, new menu layouts, and more levels. The developer is very open to new ideas and feedback. I can see the game expanding with more content in the future! Try it now while it's free!"

"It's very smooth in terms of gameplay, the difficulties seem to be very well balance if you like to take it up a notch, it can be a bit addictive too. (Which is good thing in this case.) The artwork is amazing. 5/5. Would recommend."

"Fun to play, good balance between the story and action. Nicely done, I liked the pixel art, it keeps you hooked until you fully upgraded the weapons and unlock all the achievements."

"I love the nam eof the coins in-game (digicoins) as well love the art. :)"

Different Environment

"Begin your gaming journey with our easy levels, then test your skills and push your limits with the ultimate challenge of our hard level."

True Bullet Shoot'em Up

"Experience the excitement of bullet hell and test your skills as you progress from beginner to expert, while facing unexpected enemies."

Big Bosses

"The ultimate test of skill and determination awaits you with the big boss, where you'll face off against the toughest challenges in the game."

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COREGame was formed in September 2018 and officially started operations in the year 2020. The founders at COREGame have a passion for games and technology, thus jointly agreed to bring their dreams into reality by developing world-class games and technology solutions.

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Beyond Solar [PC]
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