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Development Progress

(Updated 6th of May 2019)

(Proudly Exclusive for Apple)

Development (Update 1.1)


Beta 0.0.39

  • Fixed boss mode phases.

2 Dec 2018

28 Nov 2018

Beta 0.0.38

  • After finishing the boss mode instead of taking you to the main screen it takes you to the last boss fought level selection screen
  • Shield spawn for the player to take cover in 3rd boss can spawn out of the screen.

Beta 0.0.37

  • After boss mode is won, winning unlocked level won’t unlock the next one.
  • the flames of the full power bar animation does not disappear with the bar when the dialog box appears so you can still see the flames animation
  • the dialog in the end of stage nine starts before the enemies are all destroyed so the player movement freeze and start colliding with the final enemies until the player press skip

20 Nov 2018

09 Nov 2018

Beta 0.0.35

  • Crystals shatter sound effect volume is now lower than before to blend with the level ambient
  • Explosions sound effects volume are lowered to blend with the levels ambient
  • A new skip button design is used on the levels dialogue boxes
  • Skip button has been added to the dialogue boxes in the levels
  • Assault mode is activated once four power ups boxes are collected and it is activated until the player is taking damage instead of time limit

Beta 0.0.36

  • Boss has been added to the end of level two
  • Level 3 environmnet design is done
  • Enemies pattern and designs created
  • Level 9 design, environmnet, enemies and patterns created
  • Level 8 design, environmnet, enemies and patterns created
  • Level 7 design, environmnet, enemies and patterns created
  • Reversing the aircraft animation is now detecting the previous state if it is normal or assault
  • Shield activation is now fixed to prevent damage taking by the ship while active
  • Inactive levels are not accessable anymore until the player clear the previous levels accordingly
  • Fixed, now all the bosses appears accordingly to their level number

15 Nov 2018

09 Nov 2018

Beta 0.0.34

  • The difficulty can now be easily changed from the level select menu
  • Formations and projectiles of the level 2 enemies has been modified to add more action and challenge to the player
  • Now the player can mute music and sound effects from the options menu
  • The player can change the screen FX effects from the options menu now
  • Pause button Is available now to pause the game
  • Tips are not displayed after the level is completed
  • Tutorials are revamped to give the player an easy curve to learn how to play

Beta 0.0.31

  • Now it is more visible to the player when a new weapon is purchased and equipped
  • Main menu has a new shining animation add to it
  • Inactive levels in chapter one has a lock icon add to it to distinguish them from the active levels
  • Sprite graphic and animation is enhanced for the bullets
  • Density and formation of the enemy sprite W1_E08 bullets are modified and enhanced
  • A new behaviour has been added to enemy W1_E05

06 Nov 2018

12 Oct 2018

Beta 0.0.28

  • Adjusted the offset position in relation the touched area on screen
  • Reflect the the assault mode on all the weapons whenever it is triggered
  • Now the crystal will be sold whenever the corresponding container is touched
  • Now the crystals are more visible when spawned and automatically collected if the player crystal container is empty
  • Assault mode is set off in the beginning of every stage